Thursday, January 31, 2008

Comments and Questions

[Jenna]: Aren't African's really skinny? Why isn't this palm oil getting to them.

No, African's aren't really skinny. Just the one's that are starving to death that you see in pictures at food camps.

[Mom]: When you get home we'll pump you full of fresh fruits and veggies

Thank you. So much. And I won't even have to worry about typhoid.

[Brie]: Lol! You could always use Hyrum. Show them a picture of us and say it's you.

Good point. I do have a picture of you two. And your dog. In the snow. I also have pictures of me with Jeff Stutz, Shawn, Craig, and lots of group pictures. Even my professor John. But I think he's too old for me.

[Brooke]: I want a picture of you with a million little braids, ok?

I'll work on it. I'm not sure I'll let them do my hair again (5-year-olds aren't exactly pro's...)

[Kristin]: What do you mean you "try" to stay in after dark?

Lol, well, when Sister Beck came, she spoke until after dark. That's really the only time in Accra that I've been out then. And once in Teshie for the internet.

[Kristin]: Or you could find out from a local what the fare SHOULD be and then just tell the cabby that that is what you are going to pay him. What's he gonna do? Refuse your money?

Yes, they have refused my money. Believe me, I'm a haggler. If I'm alone, I just move on to the next guy. And it's not that expensive, it would have been less than a dollar...I just wanted a little excitement for once :)


Brooke said...

I think that "little excitement" caused some family members to lose a few years off their lives!!!!

ChrisS said...

Interesting comment about Africans not all being skinny. Someone asked me the same question when I was telling them about you being there. . . .and because of your blog, I was able to give them an answer.