Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I need a boyfriend, any takers?

So I kinda lied yesterday. Someone asked if I had a husband and I said no, and then he asked if I had a boyfriend...and I said yes. He even asked if he was white or black. I said white. Any takers? It will totally be worth your time. If I'm really that undesirable I'll just default to Craig. Missionaries can't argue and he won't be home for like a year and a half, so he'll never even see this.

*At least 22 years old (unless you're Craig)
*Taller than me (I can't very well have a boyfriend who's shorter than me)
*You have to be okay with the fact that I will be breaking up with you as soon as I get back to
America (unless I meet some really hot British guy while I'm in London, in which case it will be
sooner than that). If you're a really good boyfriend, I may reconsider.
*I'm willing to take on more than one, mixes things up a little, don't ya think?
*You have to come up with a really good first kiss or first date story. Not really necessary, but it
would be fun (if you have already participated in one of the two...make up a more exciting one).


to you:
*I'm not needy
*I won't be calling you all hours of the day
*I won't make you take me out to expensive restaurants
*I won't redecorate your apartment or criticize the way you dress
*I won't mind if you don't shave for a few days
*You can easily fend off those crazy girls back at BYU (or wherever you are)

to me:
*When strange men ask for my number I can say, "my boyfriend, (your name here), won't like
*I get to exercise my imagination
*I get a small sense of security knowing I have someone who misses me :)

Leave a comment, facebook me, or email me. Your time (and name) is much appreciated.


Josh said...

Kelli if I was not married to one of your sisters I would be your boyfriend. I tell you what. Use Ty!


Brooke said...

Good luck, I don't know any single men, but I will keep my eye out for one ;o)

Brie said...

Lol! You could always use Hyrum. Show them a picture of us and say it's you. Or use his face, and someone else's identity. The motorcycle story is scary!!!!!!!

Brooke said...

Brie, that's a fabulous idea!!!!

Anonymous said...

i need a girlfriend pls