Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Questions answered

I really enjoy all your comments on my blog. To encourage more, I'll try to comment on your comments and answer any questions you may ask.

[Brie]: What's your roommate like? Should we send you some lotion?

My roommate is awesome. Her name is Laura and she's from Boston. I enjoy talking with her and I'm sad she'll be leaving this weekend. Don't worry about the lotion, but thanks.

[Kristin]: How was the pineapple? That's crazy about the mastercard. You would think that someone whose been there would have said something.

Still haven't tried the pineapple, but got some tangerines that were awful. Threw them away. Mastercard thing...tell me about it.

[Anne]: Can't you go and hide behind a rock??? I would really like to see those pictures.

I'm considering it...they would really sacrifice me, I don't think. I fear more for the safety of my camera in that situation.

[Brie]: Who has time for sudoku when you have things like sacrifices and goats?

Seriously. But I try to stay in after dark, and sudoku is so addicting.

[Brie]: I had a dream last night that you figured out a way to post pictures. I must really be desperate.

I wish that was true. I too am desparate to show you pictures.

[Jenna]: My shower was so nice and warm this morning. I will try to enjoy them for the both of us from now on.

I really appreciate that Jenna. I hope everyone will enjoy their hot showers for me.

[Kristin]: That's crazy!!! A car accident?!? Already?!? You're living on the edge Kelli. What happened afterward? Everyone just go on their merry way?

Yes, the drivers yelled at each other and then we went on our merry way. Most of me flying forward was from him hitting the breaks, not the actual impact.

[Anon]: I love your posts! I am getting excited for when we go over to the other end of that amazing continent. What has your fav. food been?

Who is this? Chris? Anyway, I'd say the fried plantains are probably a favorite. I'll try to do a post next time on all the foods I've tried.

[Nate]: When you get home will you bucket me? Ha ha, couldn't resist.

Only if you'll agree to be my boyfriend.

I have to go...more later!

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Kristin said...

New question: What do you mean you "try" to stay in after dark? Did you mean to say that of course you ALWAYS stay in after dark and you wouldn't dream of even thinking about venturing out in the evening hours? Just clarifying.