Monday, January 28, 2008

Snap me!

This is what Africans say when they want you to take a picture of them. I went out on Thursday and Friday and took pictures of the kids around my 'neighborhood.' It was soooo fun. They are so freaking cute and I wish I could show you pictures!!! There were about 20 or so of them following me around and they all know my name now :). One thing I love about photographing people with dark eyes is that everything reflects in them. It's so cool. Some of them were fighting over holding my hand, but usually there'd be 5 or 6 holding onto my arm. I think they like me.

In my travel book it says that this is a bad time of the year to photograph Ghana because of all the dust and haze in the air, but they weren't talking about photographing people!! I couldn't pay for better afternoon light. It's really incredible.


Jenna said...

I cannot wait to see all of these pictures. There are going to be thousands!

Brooke said...

you think they like you? What's not to LOVE!!! i am very excited to see the pics as well :o)