Friday, January 25, 2008

Sheep go to heaven, Goats go to hell...

I have never seen so many goats in my life. Even at David Haupts house. I've never seen so many sheep either. They roam the 'streets' like stray dogs. But they have those too. While walking to the internet cafe today a pack of them started barking at me. I'm not afraid of dogs, but when dogs like that start freaking out on me, I get a little on edge. I don't think I could kick that many hard enough.

Anyway, the goats are everywhere. And you can hear them all day. And much of the night. I'm not entirely sure their purpose, but I think they eat them. I'm considering becoming a vegitarian. Anything from America that's raised in a cage has got to be better than anything here that's free-range. Everything is free-range.

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Brooke said...

I think going vegetarian might be a good idea ;o) goat, YUM!!!!