Thursday, January 31, 2008

Gas leaks and broken bumpers

Last weekend Gilbert and Edem took 3 of us to this nature reserve where we were supposed to see antelope and baboons. I saw one antelope, from a distance, and I must have been sleeping when the baboons came into sight, because Natalie saw some, but Trey and I missed them. We also some some bat caves. Bats stink (literally).

Driving on the reserve we went over bump, quite like the usually bumps, but this time the car wouldn't start back up. Apparently, we were now leaking gas. There was a trail behind the car and I could smell it. Gilbert did something under the car and we went on our merry way. Something apparently happened to the bumper too, because we stopped at a car place to fix it. While there, three guys tried to get my number, and they mostly settled for me getting theirs, and then we left, thankfully.

In other news, Allie and I go to the orphanage every day in the most ghetto taxi we've ever seen (the program set it up and pays for it; Gilbert used to take us). The front lights have been hit out, there are at least 10-15 cracks running the width of the windshield, there are no headrests, the window handles are missing, it's dirtier than anything, the seats are ripped, door panels are gone, and I found three bugs on me the first day. Oh, and Allie's seat was wet. The engine has seen better days, but we can always hear it coming. We're not sure it's going to last much longer. We don't know how it's lasted this long. I try not to touch anything.


Jenna said...

Baboons are cool! I actually didn't know what they looked like and so I had to google them. Who is Gilbert again? He is obviously very handy. Isn't there another boy volunteer that you can pretend to date?

Brooke said...

Well, I am proud of you for not hopping on those random guys motorcycles that you met at the gas station ;o)

ChrisS said...

You HAVE to get a picture of your ghetto taxi, and maybe you should bring some plastic to sit on. It sounds SOOOOOO gross. Kiki would DIE.