Monday, January 28, 2008

Water, otherswise known as MANNA

On Friday, we ran out of water. They filled some buckets with what was left and said it would get here on Saturday. Slighly annoyed, but we were okay.

Now, this isn't drinking water. This is the water we bathe with, do our laundry with, wash our hands, try to stay marginally refreshed, etc. Very important. They do provide drinking water, but it's in the form of bags that look like this. However, we volunteers drink this at meals and buy our own bottled water for the rest of the time. I can get 12 1.5 litre bottles in a box for roughly $7.

Friday I also ran out of clean shirts, so I had to do some laundry. Friday night all the volunteers went out and Gloria said I could use some of the water to bathe. So I did.

On Saturday, we still had no water. This made for 7 rather unhappy volunteers. Saturday night I used my drinking water to bathe. Now I have to buy more, but a small price to pay to be clean for church! Also, I didn't have to worry about keeping my mouth closed.

Sunday. I came home from church (more later) and we still had no water. Laura was getting almost desparate enough to bathe with the water in the open containers in the kitchen (read, slightly yellow and complete with floaties). Finally, Sunday afternoon we got water. Almost everyone immediately did laundry and/or bathed. I hope this was a one-time problem.


Brooke said...

Oh, I feel dirty just thinking about all the lack of water, ewwwww!

Theodora said...

You write very well.