Friday, February 1, 2008


I ran out of all my Trader Joe's food. I know I should have at least rationed the chocolate out better, but you know me and delicious, melty 70% dark chocolate...yum. I may have to go spend $3 on a 4 oz bag of m&m's.


Brooke said...

That IS tragedy :oO

Jeannie said...


I wrote a message before, and I'm not sure if it went through, so if you get some of this info twice...sorry:)
Your pictures of the kids are beautiful as usual....their eyes are amazing...I want one.

Christian would be happy to be your boyfriend...are you into younger men? He IS taller than you...

Your blog is hilarious!! I had such fun reading it this morning afte I sent the boys off to Seminary. I'll check in often now. What an adventure you're having!!

The picture of the public toilet sign...was it pointing to someones front yard or their back yard? It really doesn't get more "public" than that....

Be safe!!

Love...the Halversen Family Danville, CA, USA