Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Q and A

[Jean]: Kelli, how old are the children when they leave the orphanage? Are they prepared to do some type of work? Are any of them ever adopted?

This orphanage is very new, so I don't know the answers. It just started a couple years ago and I think they just got their license to be able to adopt out or something, but I know it's planned that some will be adopted in the near future, even some of the older ones. If I were adopting one I'd probably take one of the older kids, they're so great!! Seriously. Amazing kids.

[Jenna]: Why do they all keep their hair so short Kel?

I dunno, most people keep it like that, even as teenagers. I guess it's easy and cool.

[Brooke]: so what is all the crap in the sky that makes it so hazy?

Sand from the Sahara, so I've been told.

[Brie]: Maybe they were just wishing you were a twin cause then there would be 2? What's my name?

Lol. Perhaps. I'm assuming you're Akua as well. That just means "born on Wednesday." I don't know what the twin names are.

[Brooke]: Do they all have slightly flat heads???? (this is a serious question by the way)

Haha. They usually have a towel or some type of cloth on their heads that's flattened.


Shannon said...

Kelli... I'm so glad you're Mom gave me your blog address. I love keeping up with what you're doing. You are you adventurous... I think I want to be you when I grow up.

Tamart said...

Kelli, I just keep thinking about how lucky these kids are to have you sharing your life with them. It must be so hard to leave and then want to take all of them with you. Those children are absolutely beautiful!!