Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Welcome to Teshie Tebibiano

This is where I live. Kinda. enjoy

Face-off! A daily occurrence.

The road they battled (and I ride over every day)
Yay trash

We have sheep
And chickens
And goats.
The internet cafe I'm in RIGHT NOW. An oasis. Despite the pc's (ugh).
We have lots of stores with God's name or other religious references
We have chickens in our trash, by the road

We even have public toilets!

More later when my computer will cooperate better! This took nearly 3 hours!


Kristin said...

Wow--so interesting. Sorry it took 3 hours but it was worth it for the rest of us.

Hey--Kelli's calling me right now!

Jenna said...

Thanks for spending the time doing this Kel! I love seeing these pictures!

ChrisS said...

Very interesting. I think I pictured it more rural. Is it different than you pictured it? I love the pictures. I wonder why they name their stores with "God's" in it. So, trotros are really just vans? Sorry you have to use a PC. There isn't a single sentence in this post that actually flows to the next. It's late.

Brooke said...

Kelli, it is SOOOO cool to see pictures! It's like a movie, it's still weird to me for some reason to think that you are there among all the chickens, and trash and goats, and those lovely little boutiques ;o) and more trash!!! One day when you are married with kids you are going to LOVE that you had all these cool experiences when you were young, yeah you!!!!