Tuesday, February 5, 2008

I will marry you!

It's about time. I'd been in Africa nearly two weeks before someone asked me to marry him. I mean, heck, I know girls that didn't last that long at BYU.

However, this psycho was totally drunk and followed me and this woman that was helping me across a few busy roads and through a market to the taxi station. He actually tried to get in the taxi too and said he was going the same place as me, but the 2 men in the taxi and the woman that helped me were verbally very forceful and took care of me. That didn't stop the guy in the front seat from trying to get my number though. It's starting to get extremely tiresome. Children and adults alike will follow me and say, "I want to be your friend" and try to get my number or just plain say, "Give me something" or "Give me money." I've even had a guy ask for things like a laptop or camera.

And boy, was it a busy weekend. Later on that day another guy walked with me and was asking if I was coming back to Ghana so I could get married. He was very persistent in the whole phone number department.

And luckily, the first thing they teach in self defense is how to get out of wrist holds. A couple guys on Sunday grabbed hold of me on my way to church and wouldn't let go as they tried to get my number. Way to win a girl's heart, eh?


Brooke said...

what's your address, I'm sending a can of mace!!!!

Kristin said...

Holy Cow Kelli! Please don't tell me you were walking again. Where did that happen? Glad you're ok!!!!

Jenna said...

Do they think that all American's are really rich and just waiting to give things away?an

Brie said...

Can you hire a body guard or something? Or will he want to marry you too? So, how do you get out of a wrist hold? And how do they react when you do it? Have you ever been truly scared by one of these guys or do you just like giving us all heart attacks?

Ken N said...

In Brazil when lady missionaries attract too much negative attention, some die their hair so they don't stand out so much, and wear plain clothing and not too tight. Plus, do not make eye contact with men or they think you are flirting. Some Fatherly advice. (from a friend of your mom's)