Saturday, February 9, 2008

Wearing babies

Thought I'd try it out for fun. It's a lot of tucking and twisting and folding a plane rectangle of fabric. Charity is 5 (first pic). I'm sure babies are a lot easier!
Noah felt left out and wanted on! Trying to figure it out.
This brings me to another point. Don't ever bring anything white to Africa. Honestly, what was I thinking? (And please excuse the lack of make-up and otherwise grungy-ness, I must like you a lot to show these pictures!)

And yes, this means I handed my camera over to a 10 year old kid. Not bad, eh?


Jenna said...

I love that baby carrier! So granola and hippie, and so hot all at the same time. I love that last picture. Way to be brave and hand over the camera.

Brooke said...

I LOVE these pics, yes, VERY "crunchy" and don't kid yourself you look amazing :o) and you are a BRAVE women handing over that camera, but i am so glad you did!!!

Kristin said...

That's cool Kelli! Good thing those kids are skinny :) They are going to miss you so much!

Ellen said...

The kids all have beautiful smiles. You better make it home in one piece! I'm all for dying the hair - maybe bright red would garner less attention!

ChrisS said...

I'm looking at these on my work laptop, and the good thing about a laptop is that I can just turn it so the pictures are vertical. Pretty nifty. I love the pictures. I can see that you love these children and that they love you. I imagine it will be difficult to leave them. You and they are an inspiration to me.