Friday, February 1, 2008

Kids and stuff

The people:

Paul and Laurencia are the 'parents' of the orphanage. They have their own 2 kids, Prince and Noah. Paul's brother hangs out there and they have a cook and a little help. The kids are all sponsored, mostly by people in Canada, but it's not enough (hence the reason Charity and Jacob aren't in school). A woman named Deborah in Canada funded the beginning of the orphanage a couple years ago and I read a small book on the stories of each child. Scary. Made me cry. Some of the children were basically forced into slave labor and some of the boys were given alcohol and marijuana to prepare them for the work they were forced to do. They're doing so well now. Amazing.

The children:

Hope (2) reminds me of Tessa...:) She's very strong-willed. She has the cutest laugh and really likes Allie (but today is Allie's last day). She and Micah (4/5?) are probably going to be adopted by a family in the UK. Micah is darling.

Prince (6) is soooo outgoing. He's hilarious. Always so happy and exuberant. He's also super smart, but I'm sure he going to the best school. Noah (2) is sooo cute too, but he could get away with murder, and he knows it.

Yesterday, I played soccer (aka football) with 3 of the older boys. Sammy was on my team. We won, and I even made one of the goals. Sammy made 9. We played against Gideon and Lawrence. They're all around 10-12.

Philip is really sweet (10-12?). He always does his homework as soon as he gets home and I usually help him. He's not as physical as the other boys.

The kids all love to dance and they're so good! It's really fun to watch.

Charity (5), is so sweet! She loves to sit on my lap and color. Yesterday we went over colors and shapes...I think she's getting better.

Joson (12) is great too. We went over a world map together the other day. They always ask me questions like, do I have a car? am I in college? etc, and they couldn't figure out why Allie and I didn't have the same color of hair.


Anne Lee said...

So, it sounds like everything is really dirty over there. I know that when I went to Russia, I had to get a million shots. What did you have to get?

Jenna said...

Are you taking some dance lessons from them while you are there? I totally would!

Brie said...

That's funny about the hair! I can't wait to see pictures of all the kids!

Brooke said...

I want pictures of those sweet kids dancing!!! They are so lucky to have you, even if it's only for a short time!!!

Jean said...

They all sound so sweet. I can't wait to see pictures!