Sunday, February 17, 2008

Kpando (pronounced Pahn-dough)

I made it safely to Kpando, which was fun. I'll have to fill you in later! I got some really cool hand-made pottery from the Kpando Potters in Fesi (look it up, you'll probably find something). I saw 2 funerals and took a 1.5 hour trotro ride to Ho, where I am now. I'll go to Church tomorrow here (the only one in the Volta Region) and Monday around 5 or 6 am head out to Kumasi and then catch a trotro to Mampong. I bought a duffel bag in Accra for roughly $6, and it's getting heavier by the hour!

Oh, and I hung out in this sweet little village that's part of Fesi, and made friends with the kids there, who showed me around and had me take pictures of them :). They carried my duffel on their heads for me and took me to a shrine or something. I had to give them 2 cedis (pronounced seedies) so the priest could pour libation (?) to the Gods and pray to them or something before I could take a picture. Lol. First time someone's asked for money for a picture, I think, and although it was strange, they were nice, so I didn't care. It was a lot of fun!

(as posted by Brie because the internet here sucks and won't let me do anything besides email)


ChrisS said...

Very interesting. I am glad you are enjoying your last week in Africa. Live all the life you can. Live a little for me, too, will you? I'm glad you are safe and sound. Sorry I missed your call today.

Brooke said...

Very cool, like mom said, enjoy a little for me too!!!