Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I'm fine, really

[Kristin]: Holy Cow Kelli! Please don't tell me you were walking again. Where did that happen? Glad you're ok!!!!

Walking? Yes, I was walking...but it was during the day in extremely busy places. The crazy drunk guy was in Accra when I was trying to get a trotro, the other guys were in Teshie.

[Jenna]: Do they think that all American's are really rich and just waiting to give things away?

Yes. It seems that way. They don't understand that there are poor and homeless people in America (I ran into the same problem in the Philippines, they couldn't believe homeless people in America didn't actually have homes). They mostly want to get to America because they think all their problems will be over and they can get money anywhere (we've even heard this from people in our program).

[Brie]: Can you hire a body guard or something? Or will he want to marry you too? So, how do you get out of a wrist hold? And how do they react when you do it? Have you ever been truly scared by one of these guys or do you just like giving us all heart attacks?

Lol, to get out of a wrist hold you just put the pressure against the weakest part--the thumb. I didn't have to try very hard to get out of it though. No one has actually scared me, just weirded me out or annoyed me. With some of them I start to get a little angry...

However, I don't want it to appear that all Africans or Ghanaians are like this. I've had many helpful people throughout Accra or Teshie when it comes to finding the right taxi or trotro or things like that. People at church have been especially helpful, but even random strangers on the street will ask me where I'm going when I'm having trouble at a trotro stop. Some people even ignore me and don't call out to me at all.

[Jenna]: Was it just a bunch of fat? You are really brave. (in response to "is that chicken?")

Haha, it was hard, like it was all bone. I don't know how they found that much bone on a chicken, but whatev. They gave me the same thing the next day. I passed.

[Kristin]: Weird! Does it happen with other bottled drinks? or just beer? (the exploding beer)

I don't know...but it's only happened to us with beer. I don't drink any bottled drinks here though, so I shouldn't have to worry about it. Interesting side note, however, they don't use high fructose corn syrup for sodas. Real sugar. I guess America is the only place that does that?


Brooke said...

real sugar uh? Why is it that America must mess everything up with some genetically engineered SOMETHING....

Nicole said...

Hi Kelli! I just wanted to tell you that I love reading your blog. I'm so glad you are doing well there! Be careful!!s
Sean says hi as well, and he's sorry he hasn't had a chance to comment. He's enjoying reading the blog too. He wants you to take some cool pictures while you're there so that he can buy prints when you get back to hang in the wine shop.